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Visual Arts

About the Course

Drawing and Painting

Based on different tasks, you will try different techniques, compositions and colour theory.

In Visual Arts you will be introduced to various artists and art styles. All of this will sharpen your observation skills and craftsmanship.


In the course, you get both group teaching and individual guidance.


With the help of fellow students and the teacher, you will find your way to your personal expression.

Anna Østergaard Laursen

Your teacher

Anna Østergaard Laursen

"That's what we have to do! is to find the place where creativity and inspiration in working with art are more important than perfectionism and self-criticism is the ultimate thing to achieve!

Through dogmas and concepts mixed with technical know-how, creativity can be unfolded and challenged, "

Throughout her life, Anna has explored drawing and painting. Anna is a self-taught creative, supported by basic education at the School of Design.

Besides that, Anna has been a high school teacher for 6 years, most recently at Vestjyllands Højskole.

Anna Østergaard Laursen

Tove-Marie Mortensen

Tove-Marie is educated at the Århus Art Academy in 2023 

Tove-Marie has taught art workshops at Den Levende Højskole in Århus, as well as at the summer college ``Rudme Landsbyhøjskole''. 

Here she has taught croquis, watercolour, graphic printing and painting.

was an intern at Vestjyllands Højskole in the artistic subjects.

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