Hungary in November
2.000 kr

In autumn we go to Budapest and the rural areas nearby. The capital of Hungary, Budapest, is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. As it has played a key role in the European history, you will see both old imperial buildings and new architectural wonders. Budapest and the surrounding area has been inhabited for more than 2000 years. Roman, Ottoman, Hungarian, Austrian, German, and Soviet influence can be seen in the architecture.



For over twenty years Vestjyllands højskole has had a collaboration with the ecological agricultural college in Kishantos, just outside of Budapest. About 200 Hungarians have studied here in Denmark, so we have many contacts in the area. During our stay in Budapest, these locals will be our tour guides, allowing us to experience more than ordinary tourists.


The school in Kishantos was made after a couple of local Hungarians came to Denmark in the early nineties. The school needs out help and attention now more than ever since their more than 800 acres of land was claimed by the state in a hostile and presumably illegal take over in 2014. At Kishantos they have to deal with to perils of dictatorship on an everyday basis. We now have reason to fear for the lives of our Hungarian friends.


You can read more about the school here



The trip is for all the students in the fall. There is an additional cost of DKK 2.000.

Hungary a country in transition