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Market Gardening

About the Course

In Market Gardening, we reach for a sustainable lifestyle combined with a production of vegetables, with a high output the size of the garden. The vegetables we produce a used in the kitchen.


You learn different cultivation techniques, and we use hand tools manually. We also want to improve the quality of the land over time, making the soil better and better. Part of the class is to learn how effectively to use a greenhouse.


Market Gardening is a way of using the soil fit for the small self-sufficient garden and small-scale commercial home production.


There can be 20 students in "Market Gardening."

Frida Tidemand

Your teacher

Frida Tidemand

Frida is a trained gardener and has worked with organic vegetable production on both a large and small scale. She has a burning passion for the sustainable cultivation of food, and in her work she emphasizes gentleness that spares the earth.

For Frida, the work in the market garden is not only about making Vestjyllands Højskole more self-sufficient. It is also about creating a learning space where green joy is at the centre.

Frida Tidemand

Tove-Marie Mortensen

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