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About the Course

A weekly joint lesson for the entire school.

It's about creating a space for a shared conversation of a different nature than the one we have in the hallway or over dinner.


The topics are both high-flying and every day, abstract and practical. About the universe, about the college community, about yourself.


The goal is not to find solutions or come to conclusions but to collectively explore a topic through conversation and discussion.

Magnus Stein

Your teacher

Magnus Stein

I have a bachelor's degree in anthropology, but above all, I have learned something about the world over many years in a self-sufficient collective in the countryside.

When I was in Højskole myself, we built a whole house from the ground up on my line, although most of us barely knew which end of the hammer to use when we started.

It was a crazy experience to go out and do things that neither of us thought we could figure out.

I have previously taught horticulture, music and self-sufficiency at the high schools in Brenderup, Gram and Nordfyn, worked with Latin American rebel movements and played in disco-pop and punk bands.

In addition, I like cycling, cross-country and nice jogging clothes.

Magnus Stein
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