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About the Course

Pottery speaks to our creativity and awakens the desire to experiment and play

In ceramics we have fingers covered in clay, a plastic and flexible material that can be molded and processed in infinitely many ways. When burned and glazed, it turns into a solid and waterproof material.


Ceramics are both a craft and a form of expression. You get control of many fundamental things about clay crafting it. There will be demonstrations of different techniques, so you can learn to rotate, shape, build, model and mold. You will learn how to make the surface of your pottery and use tricks, glazes, and much more. That allows you to develop your expression and design.

We work with functional items - cups, bowls, jewelry, vases - and more abstract aesthetic pieces.


Based on your ideas and projects, the teaching ignites a desire to experiment and test the material. Along the way, you train your eye to make a shape more precise.


You will learn more about what makes a simple cup and how you can augment it in many ways.

Annelene Bæk

Your teacher

Annelene Bæk

Trained teacher from Nørre Nissum Seminary. Annelene has been teaching ceramics for the past 10 years.

Annelene has a diploma in art and cultural communication for children and young people, where the focal point has been teaching aesthetic subjects and creative processes.

Annelene Bæk
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