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About the Course

We play different rhythms from different countries in West Africa and Brazil and Cuba.

The djembe is one of the main instruments we will be playing.

We start with simple rhythm training with clapping, steps and singing. Then we go to the drum and warm up with review of beats. We put it all together in "rhythm pyramids" and make some fun breaks.

You will also work with rhythms and singing.

The subject also includes knowledge of the culture in the various countries and how music plays together with culture, tradition and education.

Benedikte Steen Andersen

Your teacher

Benedikte Steen Andersen

Benedikte is a musician and is particularly interested in West African music and the characteristic Djembe drum, about which she has written a book.

Benedikte is also the principal of Vestjyllands Højskole

Benedikte Steen Andersen
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