If you wish to enrol for a week course, please contact us at +45 96753777 or enrol at The week course is in Danish. 


We also offer long courses. You can start in January, February/March, June and September.


You can apply for our long courses by contacting us via mail or telephone. We will send you an application form. When we have received your completed and signed application, we will send you a confirmation letter with details of payment.


Contact the office by phone +45 9675 3777 or mail


When you have paid the deposit of DKK 2,000- the application is final. The deposit will be used for excursions, theatre trips and other arrangements. For students who need a visa for Denmark, we recommend you to send your application at least five months before your start date.


Application dates:


  • 4 months: 21. Aug. 2022 - 17. Dec. 2022 (17 weeks)

  • 5 months: 07. Jan. 2023 - 09. Jun. 2022 (22 weeks)

The hojskole rules

The hojskole is your home where there are many residents. In addition to general consideration, we have a few rules to make your stay very good:


  • There is compulsory attendance for classes, morning assembly, and some events.

  • Do not hold or use weed and other euphoric substances.

  • Do not abuse alcohol. Alcohol is not compatible with a normal working day.

  • The first days are non-alcoholic.


School money: Paid in advance in monthly installments.

Students who stop during a course must pay school fees until the end of the following month.