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Prices for 17 and 22-week courses.

​School fee:

  • 1938 Danish kroner/week    7. January to 8. June 2024.

  • 1998 Danish kroner/week  18. September to 14. December 2024.

  • 2025 Danish kroner/week     7. January to 9. June 2025.


  • A mandatory study trip in Denmark, in spring or autumn, is included in the price. 

  • Private bath and toilet: 150 Danish kroner/week 

  • Single room: 150 Danish kroner/week 

  • Registration fee: 2000 Danish kroner

  • If you decide to leave early, you must pay for the current month and the following month.

In addition:

  • Depending on your subject choices, there may be some costs for materials and trips around DKK 600 - 1,200. in total

  • A key deposit of DKK 100,- is refunded when you return your key.

  • Ceramics is an elective subject that costs 200 Danish kroner per month in workshop fees. The fees cover materials for teaching, glaze use, firings, and more. You can buy clay in the workshop for your own use outside of classes.

During the Easter and Christmas holidays, lessons are not offered, and the kitchen is closed. You are welcome to stay at school, but on these days, you must cook and pay for the food yourself. A deduction is included in your payment to the school for these days.

For all contact, please use this email:

It's very difficult for us to respond on SoMe channels.

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