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About the Course

It is great to express yourself by combining your voice with others.

Perhaps you do not think your voice sounds perfect by itself, but with others, it becomes a powerful tool to fill the room with music, rhythm, and spirit.

We will try out different styles, both within the classical and popular repertoire.While we cover techniques to improve our sound, the most important thing is having fun while singing.

In the choir at Vestjyllands Højskole, the joyous, diverse music styles bring us closer together. Whether you have only sung in the shower or if you have always sung in a choir, there is room for you!

Mette Marie Ørnstrup

Your teacher

Mette Marie Ørnstrup

Vocalist and percussionist Mette Marie has explored many musical frontiers, both as an improviser, performer and global musician.

Mette Marie has travelled the world with her music and has, among other things, lived in Istanbul for 1 1/2 years, where she studied classical Ottoman music and sang at the conservatory. She has also been visiting Ghana frequently.

Mette Marie is a trained singer from the The Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus and holds an international master's degree in world music ... and was also a student at Vestjyllands Højskole.

Mette Marie Ørnstrup
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