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Permaculture Design

In this course, we discuss the world's major crises - and the possibilities for solving them.

Here you'll learn about how we can pull CO2 out of the atmosphere and sequester it in the soil to counteract global warming.

We talk about ways to make desert landscapes lush and full of life. You'll get practical tools to grow healthy food without fertilisers and pesticides. And you'll learn how to build gardens with space for rare species and restore endangered ecosystems.

Throughout the spring, you'll have plenty of opportunities to make permaculture designs yourself.

Arendse Gul-eget_edited.jpg

Arendse Gulløv

Is passionate about green transition and social justice and has worked with permaculture and regenerative agriculture for over eight years.

She is a trained organic farmer from Norway with a degree in environmental planning from RUC.

Arendse is passionate about soil and micro life, self-sufficiency and climate change.


She has worked on a farm in Iceland and helped start two permaculture farm collectives in Norway and Denmark.

She has worked full-time with farming, self-sufficiency, traditional crafts and building projects here.

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