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Food Preservation


The recent COVID-19 pandemic shows us the value of a self-sufficient lifestyle. 

Vestjyllands Højskole is widely known for its organic kitchen. It is not rocket science but merely craftsmanship at its finest. You will have plenty of opportunities to help with cooking in the kitchen.

Food Preservation deals with sustainable ways of preserving and storing food without electricity, heating, cooling, and chemicals. We will use some of the great food from our garden, bursting with fruit and greens in autumn, and we will collect edibles from the local nature.

You will learn many skills as we salt, dry, smoke, ferment, brew, conserve, pressure cook, and much more. As we have a windmill in the school, sustainable preservation is also about working with electricity when there is plenty of it.

​Old technics help you make a more sustainable kitchen. We cook with a love for food, time, air, and natural acids.​


Examples of projects could be:

  • Fermenting greens

  • Drying/smoking meat and vegetables

  • Air dried sausages

  • Chees making

  • Beer Brewing

  • Winemaking

  • Making our own canned food

Kristoffer Brun.JPG

Kristoffer Brun

Kristoffer also teaches outdoor and thus has an interest in all the free food we can collect in nature.


Kristoffer is also the school Shepard and will most certainly bring some of our home-produced sheep from field to fork. 

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