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Drawing and Painting

Based on different tasks, you try your hand at different techniques, composition and colour theory. All of this will sharpen your observation skills and craftsmanship.


In the course, you get both group teaching and individual guidance.


With the help of fellow students and the teacher, you will find your way to your expression and your images.


In Painting, you will be introduced to various artists and art styles.


It is not a prerequisite for participation that you have previously worked with images. The only provision is curiosity and a desire to work.



Pernille Gjørup Bruhn


"We want to focus on sustainability through the recycling of different materials - you could say we work under the mantra 'from scrap to art'. We cover a wide range: Graphics, drawing, painting, watercolour, marker painting, installation art, croquis, collage and sculptures are just some exciting things we will work with."


​ In her artistic work, Pernille is a performing artist in the artist collective "Tænd piben", where she primarily works with graphics (collography) and painting.


In the lessons with Pernille, there will be a good mix of experiments, play, immersion and a focus on the craft itself: Pernille is a trained teacher from Århus Seminary with, among other subjects, visual arts and Danish as a major.

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