It is great to express yourself by combining your voice with others. Perhaps you do not think your voice sounds perfect by itself; but, with others, your voice becomes a powerful tool to fill the room music, rhythm, and spirit.


We will try out different styles, both within the classical and popular repertoire. While we cover techniques to improve our sound, the most important thing is that we are having fun while we are singing.  In the choir at Vestjyllands Højskole, the joyous diverse music styles bring us closer together. Whether you have only sung in the shower or if you have always sung in a choir, there is room for you!


Niels Bjerg

Niels Bjerg teaches Electronic Composition and Choir at Vestjyllands Højskole.  He was formally trained as a jazz guitarist at the Amsterdam Conservatory. In 2016, he was appointed as an external examiner at The Danish Performing Arts School.


In cooperation with choreographer Kirstine Kyhl Andersen, he has been leading the music and dance company WE GO since 2004.  As an instrumental composer and guitarist, Niels has created numerous productions as WE GO. He also leads the ensemble Cirklen and collaborates with other artists, such as Manuel Göttsching.


He is fascinated by how music is related to the listener's location and perception. He loves to explore how music moves in space to his audience's ear; therefore, he enjoys playing with changing sources of sound.  He is most inspired by Denis Smalley, Horacio Vaggione, Current Value and Aphex Twin. "



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