Do you want to use your hands for creative and practical work? Choose wooden crafts at Vestjyllandshøjskole and find your inner craftsman!

Based on aesthetic and functional design, we make skewers, lubricants, wooden cakes, bowls, cups, cutting boards and more. In addition, we also explore knife and axe skills as well as wood rotation.

We work primarily with fresh wood, also called green lash. We complete entire projects, from the roughing of the raw stem to applying a beautiful finish. We will work with tools such as an axe, knife, ribbon knife, knife blade, grinding machine, lathe, sandpaper, and oil. Besides, there will be an opportunity to work with leather and bark.

An essential part of the teaching is based on fundamental technology, material knowledge, and tool usage. Classes consist of a combination of established and self-driven assignments, with both individual and collective learning. Each lesson will include a skill, such as grinding, design, leather, homemade paint, and carving. Everyone is welcome regardless of their previous skills!



Danny volder møller

Danny holds an education as woodcraft teacher from Aarhus University College. He has a great passion for working in the wood workshop carving spoons, turning bowls or building other useful stuff for the household.


Danny also teaches the sustainable building class. It is important for him that we consider the sustainable aspect of everything we do. That's the only way we can really change the world.