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If you want to pursue further musical education, if you're going to sing in a local choir, or if you enjoy singing in the shower!

We want to create an atmosphere where singing happens naturally. You will sing and perform with others. Performing and listening are rewarding experiences in a group where everybody is supportive.

Through voice training, you will have the opportunity to develop both the psychological and physiological skills needed to perform. As you try solo and group singing, you will learn many essential terms and music types.

The class also discusses how to care for your voice. You will learn to use your voice and body to produce the best sound without straining. By learning about your body's autonomy, you will have greater freedom and pleasure when using your voice in speech and song.


Kristian Ravn

Kristian graduated with a master's degree from the Conservatory of Music.


In France, he completed postgraduate studies focusing on Voice Embodiment. The study was focused on the close connection between body, mind, emotion, and voice. 


Danny is the singer in the band Gadedrengene.


His Leonard Cohen-inspired and Reumert-nominated performance in Granhøj Dans' has been running successfully since 2010.

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