Practical Permaculture

Practical Permaculture is a natural extension for those studying Permaculture.  In this class, we take the knowledge we learned in Permaculture class out to the gardens; there we can use permaculture thinking in our everyday lives as a tool to create our shared green future.  You will get a broad theoretical introduction to permaculture as a design tool by looking at lots of practical examples. During the winter when the earth is still frozen, we work with design tasks where we apply permaculture principles and design methods.  Then, once warmer weather arrives, we bring these sustainable designs to life.

In Practical Permaculture, we use gardening practices to see permaculture in practice.  In the hojskole's demonstration garden, students learn to develop and maintain an outdoor permaculture area.  Some of the techniques we will practice include herb spirals, forest gardens, lasagne beds, ornamental trees, insect hotels, and much more!  By combining these elements and by combing our creativity, we will create a fertile and edible garden that cares for both people and nature.

This class is for students already enrolled in Permaculture.  


Rebecca Kaagh Nordbo

Rebecca teaches Green Entrepreneurship and Permaculture.  She dreams of making Vestjyllands Hojskole the best school in the world to explore sustainability.  Through her classes, she provides students with tools to make their ideas a reality. She is a graduate of kaospilot - an international education focusing on project management, entrepreneurship, and conceptual development.  Rebecca is passionate about creating a green society. In her classes, she challenges her students to explore what systems make society unsustainable and what changes can fix these issues!

Rebecca previously started Cyanidhaven in Aarhus, an experimental laboratory for low-tech DIY solutions that transformed a contaminated area into a green oasis. In addition, she has been a co-founder of the Zero Waste Denmark Association, who worked towards a society without waste promoting the circular economy.

Permaculture and edible crops cultivation are among Rebecca's great passions. She has regularly hosted workshops and lectures on seed collection, composting, and kitchen gardens.  She hopes to give others the confidence, courage, and conviction to make sustainable changes at home. Rebecca also has been a regular part of the editorial board of Sustain Daily, a web magazine about everyday sustainability.  With the philosophy "Nobody Can Do Everything, But Everyone Can Do Something", Rebecca focuses on how each of us can use our skills to create a better world.