Sustainability starts and ends in nature. We must live by it, live in it, enjoy it, and take care of it. In Outdoor Life, we explore the wilderness while learning bushcraft. We work with the tools and abilities needed to interact with nature.  Your understanding and respect for nature will increase dramatically.

For us to enjoy nature, we need to get from the school to the cabin, from the cabin to the woods, from the woods to the fjord, and from the fjord to the dunes. We do this by mountain biking, horseback riding, surfboarding, kayaking, sailing, or climbing. Indeed, we examine how we move in nature.  Once we become proficient map readers and compass users, we can discover small hiding places and good campsites.

When we travel in nature, we require the right tools, proper preparation, and exciting ideas. We will experiment with rafter and bivouacs, and we will create an excellent base in the forest with a hut, kitchen, toilet and maybe a hammock.  Once we light the perfect bonfire, we will have an enjoyable and cosy time together in nature. With the ideal fire, we can cook a meal with the ingredients we collect, trap, fish or catch ourselves.

There is a great sense of accomplishment from making a campsite, eating homemade soup, and sleeping in a tent you pitched.  Our goal is a greater awareness of the magnificent aspects of nature, a better friendship with people around us and, in short, a better quality of life.  With the subject outdoor, there is the possibility to be outside 6 hours weekly. The class is on a Friday, so there are many opportunities to spend the night in the countryside.


Kristoffer Brun Gram

Kristoffer works as the school's communications officer and teaches in the subject "Udeliv". He is an outdoorsman to the core and participates in all the outdoor activities he encounters. He served as senior defence officer, earned a master's in political science, studied communication at the journalism college, and took many instructor and outdoor skills courses. In his teaching, Kristoffer draws on his broad experience of teaching children, adolescents and adults in more recreational activities, military officers, and university students.

Even though outdoor life involves much fresh air and sweat on the forehead, Kristoffer believes that it is more than just a physical challenge. Outdoor living is about choosing the primitive over the comfortable option. It's about taking small group trips using sustainable transportation, whether on a bike or foot.  Through journeys and experiences in nature, Kristoffer shows his students the contrast with the typical hectic, technical, and complicated everyday life. "Outdoor life is a scarcity of things and surplus of time. Everyday life is a scarcity of time and surplus of things. "

Kristoffer's outdoor adventures align with the school's philosophy regarding sustainability. When you must transport items, food, and water, it becomes visible what you genuinely need. When you must take your waste home, you are forced to think about what impact you have the globe. When you do not have an electronic device begging to be viewed, you instead look out on the horizon or up in the sky.

Through conversation and reflection over the campfire, our outdoor experiences form lasting memories, knowledge, attitudes, and actions. It is Kristoffer's goal that the pupils develop as individuals and also as a group where everyone has responsibility and make decisions.