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Takes a holistic approach to the concept and phenomenon of music and how it can be incorporated into an individual's life for maximum enjoyment

Open to all who wish to deepen their musical appreciation and aptitude, musicality consists of theoretical foundations in rhythmic and melodic understanding understood through embodied experience.


Whatever music history you are taken through listening exercises, song analysis, songwriting and composition, poetry and lyric generation, site-specific music making, rhythmic, melodic and harmonic adventures, choreographic experiments, performance techniques and concepts and band playing, maybe even with instruments!

The ultimate goal is to awaken and cultivate the music within and equip you with the tools to make music an active and joyful part of your everyday life.

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Steve Kelly

Music teacher Steve received formal training from the Dartington College of Arts in England. Steve is a performer who has composed songs and game music for over 20 years.


Steve wants his classes to be hilarious to encourage his students to have high ambitions. He lives near the school with his wife Inge and their two children.

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