In Music, we work exclusively with our own compositions.  Since music expressed who you are as a musician, the more you write, the more precisely you can express yourself.  During the class, you learn about composing music, writing lyrics, playing instruments, identifying genres, and most importantly, increasing your confidence as a musician.

When exploring music, we come across a wide range of technical terms and concepts.  Once you understand these ideas, you can practice them immediately using a wide variety of instruments.  We will speak about both music technique and theory as well as instrumental styles and genres. We will work with compositions starting with a discussion in class to a final performance on stage.  Join us to learn to express yourself powerfully and accurately as a musician.


Kristian Ravn

Kristian Ravn graduated from the Conservatory of Music in 2003 with a master's in music.  He has also completed postgraduate studies in France and with Voice Embodiment. His studies have focused on the close connection between body, mind, emotion and voice.   This holistic method encourages his students to use their entire body to sing. This approach incorporates vocal performance and music technicality with body awareness.

Kristian has previously been a vocal teacher and examiner at the Conservatory of Music in Esbjerg as well as a high school teacher at Testrup High School.  In addition, he performs as a singer in the band 'Gaderengene'. His Leonard Cohen-inspired and Reumert-nominated performance in Granhøj Dans' has been running successfully since 2010.  He hopes that his students discover that the skills learned in music class can continue beyond their hojskole days. Learning about performance, voice skills, and body awareness are important throughout everyone's life.  

Steve Kelly

Music teacher Steve can be described as "a living legend from the Highlands of Scotland".   His song Invershneckie became a local hit in Scottish Highlands, by illuminating the eternal trickery between Inverness and the surrounding towns.


He received his formal training from the Dartington College of Arts in England. Steve is a performer who has composed songs and game music for over 20 years. He wants his classes to be absolutely hilarious to encourage his students to have high ambition.  He lives next to the school with his wife Inge and their two children.