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Sustainable construction and buildings


Based on a sustainable design and materials, we construct buildings and tiny houses from local and recycled materials.

We made wooden planks on a local sawmill, recycled bricks, and built a building out of logs. Right now, we are making tiny houses.

Part of the class is also to design or develop new projects.

An essential part of the class is hands-on training. You will gain experience in craftsmanship, safety, sustainable technology, material knowledge, and how to use all kinds of tools. Everyone is welcome regardless of skill level.


We will have talks and discussions about a sustainable lifestyle as part of the class.

Danny Møller.JPG

Danny Volder Møller

Danny is a woodcraft teacher educated at Aarhus University. 


He has a great passion for working in the wood workshop carving spoons, turning bowls, or building other helpful stuff for the household.


It is essential for Danny that we consider the sustainable aspect of everything we do.

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