In gardening, experience possibilities throughout the growing year. In the subject, you learn practical horticulture applied in the garden.


You learn different cultivation techniques and forest garden to create greater biodiversity in the garden. The garden started as an ecological display garden and has used biodynamic methods since 2013.


In 2017, we became the first educational institution to be a LAND-Permaculture Demonstration Centre for the European Permaculture Network. Horticulture gives you the basis for cultivating your own garden, bringing you a step closer to the dream of becoming more self-sufficient someday.



Our organic garden invites students to a gardening adventure with our beautiful edible plants.  The garden allows student's plant knowledge to grow by learning new cultivation methods; we also welcome the public to buy seeds and cuttings so that they too can enjoy our harvest.  In 2004, the garden first began using organic growing methods; the site has been thriving ever since.

The garden brings joy to the school through both the planting and the harvesting (and by spending time doing both with friends!).  The school enjoys exploring the connection between soil and table. The garden challenges us to consider how to live a happy and healthy way of life.  Over the years, the garden has evolved into both a demonstration and experimentation garden, with educational opportunities for children, youth, and adults.  In the garden, you will find an outdoor kitchen, shelters, natural playground, apple grove, herb garden, astronomical garden, insect hotels, and orangery; everywhere in the garden is filled with smells and colours.

During the summer months, there are guided garden tours.  On some evenings, the tour concludes with dinner in the garden.


birtha Toft

Birtha is a former organic farmer, trained handwriting teacher, and developer of the Garden of Amazing who teaches our Horticulture class.  Birtha Toft started the Garden of Enlightenment ten years ago. Her idea was to create a connection between højskole ecological cuisine and vibrant, healthy foods.


With the support of the højskole and volunteers from the area, the Birtha created the Garden of Atonement.   It features vegetables, fruits, edible flowers, berries, and wild plants growing next to one another.


Birtha is inspired by untouched wilderness model. In the garden of wonder, our vegetables require the same things as their wild relatives: plants thrive when imitating nature as much as possible. Therefore, we cultivate and care for our plants with permaculture/biodiversity techniques.


For me, it is a daily pleasure to see the plants grow while students interest in growing their own herbs, berries and fruit grow.



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