Ballet is the foundation of Western stage dance.  By starting with its five positions and then building coordination, strength and agility, ballet can expand your ability with an appreciation for dance.  Ballet terminology is used when doing many other forms of dance and fitness.

We focus on the fundamentals that are essential for both beginner and experienced dancers.  We explore how the correct positions look and feel; then we add on more details slowly. We investigate the possibilities of your own body combined with the inspiration of the music.  Both barre and centre exercises build strength, balance, and agility for the entire body. We also discuss ballet history and experience examples of classical dances from Denmark and abroad.


Kirstine Kyhl Andersen

Kirstine Kyhl Andersen teaches modern dance and ballet at Vestjyllands Højskole. She received her training as a dancer and choreographer at the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam; she has been based in Copenhagen since then. In collaboration with composer and guitarist Niels Bjerg, she founded the music and dance company WE GO. Their concert and dance performances developed a distinctive expression of the symbiotic relationship between dance and music.

Throughout her education, she explored various modern dance techniques, improvisation for choreography or as stage expression, somatic practices, contact/improvisation and composition.

For over ten years, Kirstine has been active as a board member of the De Frie Koreografer Associations and Scenedans in Denmark. Both work to improve Danish dancers' working conditions and to ensure a dialogue between artists and institutions.  Since 2013, she has been training director at Kitt Johnson's "Open Training".

As she grew up in rural Denmark, she couldn't fulfil her childhood dream of attending a ballet school in Copenhagen.  She did, however, develop a ‘just do it' approach to life. Her first choreography experience was inspired by staring at a field full of cows outside her window.  She was amazed by the organised yet chaotic movement of the cows' tails. This vision continues to be a great inspiration.