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The folk high school of Vestjyllands is a place with high ceilings indoor as well as outdoor; we have room for development personal as well as professional. We are a cultural power plant, placed in the beautiful nature by the Fjord of Ringkøbing and nearby the North Sea.

We are a school for adults - a school for life. Shortly explained a school that place the emphasis on general, mind-broadening education within life in general and our main subjects: Dancing, music, singing, art with ceramics and painting, theatre, sustainable lifestyle, cooking and writing (author). You can choose to dig into one our two main subjects or create a schedule with a broad cultural content.

Our teachers are all active professionals within their subject and they have a passionate for their subject and teaching in general.  Most of our teachers are living nearby the school and together with their families; they are using the school as their second home, which gives a very familiar atmosphere.

We are the green folk high school of Denmark! Our meals are 60-90% organics, our wind turbine supplies the school with C02 neutral energy together with our solar- and geothermal system. Our garden "Garden of Wonder" inspires us and the local environment for new thoughts on sustainability.

The English version of the website is under construction, if you don't find what you are looking for please don't hesitate to contact us:

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  • Phone;  +45 9675 3777