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Mandatory activities

During your stay there social gatherings, theme days, practical duties and activities other than your classes that you have participate in.

Morning assembly
Four days a week the day starts with a morning assembly. Her we sing, talk, see performances or listen to interesting talks and lectures from teachers, guests or other students.

Living group meetings
On living group meetings we organize the daily work that has to be done, when you are a family of 80 persons. Who has to do the dishwashing, cleaning or help in the kitchen? It is also your forum, if you want to bring something up.

Discussions and storytelling by Else the principal
Debate, discussions and conversations. No matter what the subject is, we will see it from different perspectives. It might be political conflicts, the difficult life of the philosophers or thing in our daily life. A good debate is created by different inputs from you.

Storytelling is a part of our history. The stories have more to tell than you can imagine. It can be surprising how new things and connections can be found in the myths and stories of our ancestors. If you want to understand other people and cultures, it is important to know yourself and the story you come from. The Nordic myths are essential in the storytelling.

Theme days
During the year, we offer theme days with different subjects. This means you have the chance of trying something new – something that is not on the weekly schedule. Normally theme days are on Saturdays. It could be themes like percussion, digital music, ritual dance, storytelling, sustainable food or maybe a local festival.
On theme days we want to both give you something else than the daily routine and to make a footprint in the world, that surrounds us. If sustainable lifestyle is to have an effect, we need to hand it on to as many as possible.

During your stay, you will also experience the following, which are not in your schedule:
Culture and Nature: In weekends and on theme days we will met the culture and nature of the region. We will hear the stories, meet the personalities and feel the nature. Even though the history says the western part of Denmark has been poor its rich in history and culture. We will meet writers, musicians, painters but also the local farmers who are a part of the history and the future.
We will walk in the nature, meet wild animals and get the feeling of the wide and open area.
Green education: From the moment you step into Vestjyllands Højskole, you step into a green environment. Whether you choose ecology and sustainability as a primary subject or not you will be educated in a green way of living.

During your stay, we offer different kinds of guidance in connection with your choice of education and life path. Our starting point is the better you know yourself the better is the chanceof the right choice. The guidance is in form of conversations.