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We are the ecological and sustainable Folk high school of Denmark. Ecology and sustainability is a natural part of our daily life. We do not just talk about sustainable change - we act!
We create projects to make a greener future here at the school as well as in the world.

The father of the Danish Folk high schools N.F.S Grundtvig lived in a time full of change. He had a goal to educate farmers to take part in the new Danish democracy and he focused on creating a whole person – a person in balance.

Today the challenges are somehow opposite. We have well educated young citizens, but they have no practical experience. We also need to add the green way of thinking and working to make people connect with nature. We are continuously developing and teaching in a sustainable lifestyle. We like the living conversations about the sustainable society of the future and we like try out the solutions in practice.

We offer a wide range of subjects within ecology and sustainability. We are working in a creative way to make changes and to create a sustainable society. It is always great to explore our “Garden of Wonder”, where you will find new inspiration for ecological gardening.

Every day we eat organic food, and our own wind turbine, geothermal facilities and solar system ensures that we can take a warm bath, and that the school is heated. This means that you can read your books, and take a nice warm bath after the dancing lessons with a CO2 neutral conscience.

In 2009, we were the first school in Denmark to receive the Green flag for our actions, and we can proudly say, that it has been waved ever since. In 2008, we received the prize “Rav-Aage Prisen” from our main organic diary provider Thise Mejeri.

However we want to be even better. We take part in a number of international and Nordic development projects. We cooperate with universities and green associations, and we are constantly challenged by our students to do even better.